Apr 15, 2023

Strawberry Cough - Life is Worth Living REVIEW

Strawberry Cough - Life is Worth Living (REVIEW)

Strawberry Cough deliver a cathartic and reassuring message with their aptly titled EP: "Life is Worth Living." Gigging relentlessly across Southern Ontario throughout 2022, they have quickly become one of the most talked about bands in the scene and for good reason. Known for their fast-paced, unique brand of Punk, it comes as no surprise the band doesn't waste any time with this succinct yet satisfying project. Utilizing every second of its 13 minute run time, this EP is an extremely cohesive and memorable experience. Displaying some very thematic lyrical content covering relationship troubles, addiction and exestenilism, these songs feel honest and raw. As well as being full of character, the band's fast-catchy hooks, hypnotic drumming and distorted rhythmic guitar playing add up to a very unique and fresh sound. Recorded at the Sugar Shack in London, ON, Strawberry Cough have never sounded more sleek and well produced. The opening track, "Can't Commit" features palm-muted power chords that burst into an intoxicating and instantly recognizable gang vocal as well as some heavy hitting and tasteful playing from drummer Travis Myers. The addition of bass player Bob Calwell sees the band feeling more like a tightly-knit unit than ever and adds a new level of tightness to the rhythm section. Lead single "Sad At The Mall" is instantly memorable and has a chorus so catchy it was being sang along to at their live shows far before its release. The EP comes to a very uplifting conclusion as the final notes ring out and the Guitarist/Singer: Zach Bourdages yells out "Im so sad but all I can do is try." These four non-stop ragers sound like a tear soaked and sticker-bombed love letter, wreaking of stale smoke and would be the perfect soundtrack to your break-up.