Aug 11, 2023

Sorry Snowman - Say When (REVIEW)

Sorry Snowman deliver 6 tracks worth of well-written and heavy hitting Emo on their latest EP: "Say When"

Beyond our music Mecca of Brantford lays our bigger sister city of Ottawa. Now I’m going to say it straight from the get go. Ottawa fucking rules. Shawarma King, Fat Dog appearances, House of Targ pierogis and seeing the glory hole in Avant-Garde are sights, tastes and smells to behest that will release endorphins in your puny little noggin. But what’s better than all of these things is the sense of camaraderie, and passion in the cities music scene that has been spear headed by local legends Sorry Snowman.

When the boys Sean Lundy (guitar/vocals) Cole Hallman (bass/vocals), Dax Cardoso-Grant (percussion) and Owen Allen (lead guitar) aren’t playing in a million different projects (which are all good), they are working on some of the most cathartic music with a blend of that post-college edgy flair to keep the emo/pop punk tunes fresh and timeless for the citizens of our nationals capital and beyond.

This year the fellas released their highly anticipated 6 song EP “Say When”.

Right off the bat the Snowmen are not afraid to tell you what they’re about wearing their “fourth wave” influences on their sleeves with intense pride. The project kicks off the EP with opening track “Safe Distance” with a solemn sixteen seconds of twinkly guitars followed by Cardoso-Grant and Hallman’s thumping rhythm section supporting Lundy’s lamentations about the coldness of the world and his inner anxieties of how he may appear to others.

Ragers like “Seasonal Grief” and “The Bus is 45 Minutes Late…” serving as odes to their government town and finding ways to navigate the sense of fleeting youth with lines such as “I am too old to feel so young” and “I wake up, make it through the week and go to sleep.”. In spite of the boys airing of grievances against their own psyche they still retain tongue in cheek lyricism with lines like “Your arms aren’t long enough to box with God.” on Hallman’s project closing track “Fool a Kid.”.

Fuelled by heartbreak, coming of age and a certain hatred for ones local municipal government this EP compliments many occasions whether it be the background music to kicking in holes and debris around your local house venue, roasting glizzys with your friends up at the cottage or the dreadful bus ride to your shitty job. Sorry Snowman will always be there for you.

Sorry Snowman and the music scene of Ottawa forever.

Favorite Tracks: all of them just listen to the whole damn thing!

Check them out August 19th at Two Doors Down!

Check out “Seasonal Grief” here: