Aug 4, 2023

Roach - Sick Of Me (REVIEW)

Roach continue to gear up for their highly anticipated debut album with yet another ear-worm of a single.

Toronto based indie/emo band Roach have been making a name for themselves through tightly knit live performances in and around the area since 2017. Bursting into the forefront of their local scene with their 2019 releases “Bite” and the following EP: “Taste Test” the band very quickly proved themselves as an act to watch out for. Needless to say a full length release from the group has been highly anticipated by fans for quite some time. Earlier this year they announced their upcoming album: “No One to Lose” and released the first single from the project, entitled “Drowning”. The track displayed a very clear and refined image of what this band is really all about with its sleek production, picturesque lyrics and punchy drumming. This trend continued on their following release “St. John’s Rd” featuring an infectiously catchy chorus and one of the coolest, most tasteful guitar solos you’ve ever heard.

Previous listeners will instantly take note of the similarities between Roach’s latest effort, “Sick of Me” and their 2019 single release “Sick of You”. However these two songs are NOT the same. Aside from the obviously cleaner and heavier production from Dex Piecowye, “Sick of Me” brings forth a new set of lyrics and a more developed song Structure. Right from the first notes of the intro guitar line this track slaps you in the face with its strong melodies and raw energy. The chugging guitars in the verses perfectly compliment the thick bass tone and hypnotic drumming as well as provide a perfect contrast for singer: Violet De Rege Braga’s velvet smooth vocals. While displaying a new level of maturity, the tongue-in-cheek lyrics and attitude are not missing from their previous work: “it’s ironic how dumb you would have to be to think that you’re smart”. The drum sound recorded by Daniel Copithorn perfectly captures the energy and power of Carly Harris’ drumming. Which as someone who has seen them live I can assure you would be damn hard to do justice in a recorded context. Whirring feedback perfectly rises to form a perfect crescendo into the bridge of the song and after some more intricate yet understated guitar playing, the track comes to an end just soon enough to ensure you’ll hit the replay button. “Sick of Me” is sure to leave both old fans and new listeners humming along and adding it to their moodiest playlist.

Their previously mentioned upcoming album “No One to Lose” is set to release August 15th of this year. You can join them in celebrating this triumphant release at The Horeshoe Tavern on August 24th with Sham Family and Kali Horse. You can also expect a lyric video for “Drowning” in the near future so get excited, I know we are.